Demagogue, white earthenware/mixed media, 8” x 6” x 16”, 2009


15.Demagogue (alternate)

16.Demagogue (detail)


2 Responses to “Demagogue”

  1. Knew You In Macomb Says:

    How banal. I literally knew this was going to be Bush just from the title “Demagogue”.

    Way to follow the crowd, Derek!

    • derekreeverts Says:

      Actually, it is based on the image and expression of Bill O’Reilly. I was using the image as a place holder for suited media, so it could have also been Stone Phillips, John Stewart, Pat Robertson, or slew of other people. Bush’s eyes are not as thin, he is not as jowly and he doesn’t have quite the comb over, but whatever you see is the baggage you bring and that is fine. Admittedly it is not meant to be a bit ambiguous, as most place holders are. It has been said that both God and the Devil are in the details and both apply in this case. If you take the time to examine the details such as the microphone halo and the TV Guide it might inform you more about the intent. I wanted to post this as it is my first “nasty response” and though I don’t know who to address it to due to the comfortable anonymity of the internet, I do welcome any dialog that my work may create. I would also like to point out that any work that elicits a response and thought, no matter how banal, is doing what it is supposed to.

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